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Photo of  Pointe South Middle School

Pointe South Middle School opened as Pointe South Junior High School in 1978, with a student population of 375, and a staff of seventeen. Since its inception in 1978 the School enrollment has risen from the aforementioned 375 to as high as 1238.

The building has been through three major renovations over the last 32 years. In 1978 Pointe South Middle was comprised of 38 rooms. In 1980, the original Southern Association Ten year Self-Evaluation study was completed, with student enrollment rising to 854, and 75 full time staff members. An interim report followed and was completed in the 1984-1985 School Year.

Pointe South Middle School began its maiden year in 1990, and during that year, the school was honored and named as a Georgia School of Excellence. Teachers, staff, and administration received extensive training through workshops and staff development to re-acquaint them with the Middle School child and philosophy. Teaching teams were formed based on experience and expertise. Since 2006 the Motto of Pointe South Middle School has been, “at Pointe South Middle School we are heading in the right direction, because Failure is not an option.”

Following the strong, established, and enthusiastic leadership team, the school has welcomed change, and is accepting the charge set forth.  Faculty, staff, students, administration, and the community alike plan together and share in the responsibility for excellence at Pointe South. Pointe South Middle School is poised to embrace the challenges of the future with all due reverence and respect to the heritage of excellence that has been forged.